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The Mediterranean Diet extends life expectancy in Alzheimer's patients

Yesterday, a study by scientists from the University of Columbia (USA) published in the electronic journal of the American Academy of Neurology (AAC) was published in which it shows how the Mediterranean Diet contributes and benefits Alzheimer's patients. The study shows that the Mediterranean Diet can prolong life expectancy by about four years, to reach this conclusion, experts analyzed the data of 192 patients over a period of four years.

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Five applications for cooking with the iPhone

For some time now, technology has ceased to be something of a few to become commonplace in our daily lives. More and more people use this technology to make their day to day more comfortable, and if there is a place where they spend a lot of time it is in the kitchen. Our colleagues at Applesfera are aware of this and have made a small compilation with five applications for cooking with the iPhone that I found very interesting.

Infographics of a pintxo

No, it is not an infographic about me, that with that of pintxo we can get confused. I mean the pintxos of Donosti. It is an infographic where the pintxos classify and categorize in a very visual way. It is really a work of the agency L'Esstudi that is responsible for doing branding and packaging work and has really prepared 5 infographics of the most characteristic dishes of 5 cities in the world.

Beef stew with onions and carrots. Recipe

When I was little, there were some cooking words that gave me a bad feeling, like stew, stew or stew, and my mother knew that I had to avoid them so that I could eat well at ease. Today it seems absurd, the truth, because dishes like this beef stew with onions and carrots is an example of home cooking that you want all year round.

A curious infographic of the blender

Crush, chop ice, or make milkshakes, these are some of the functions of the blender, for some just one more appliance; for others, among whom I find myself, an icon. He deserved an infographic, which today there are for almost everything, and it announces it as a must to have in the kitchen.

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The Week Live on the palate | February 19 to 25

Last week has been full of recipes with a delicious pint. Let's start with the abrebocas, where we find some tortilla skewers of potatoes with zucchini and carrots or the rustic pate with pistachios. As starters the Adolfo salad, the lentil salad with seaweed iziki or the goat cheese with red wine.

11 essential TV series for foodies

With the boom in television cooking programs I ended up a bit saturated, but what I never get tired of is the series. Technology makes it very easy for us to get hooked on all kinds of platforms and devices, and I admit that I even follow many while cooking. It is even a good idea to do it with certain series, because they can make you so hungry that otherwise you end up itching.

Mini puff pastry with goat cheese and ham. Recipe

I had not been making dumplings for a long time and when the other day I made those of sobrasada and honey, I remembered what I liked that kind of snacks and how easy it is to make them. All that is needed is some wafers or puff pastry and a little imagination to gather the things you have in the fridge.

Running Chefs Madrid

At the last five star meat dinner I told you that one of the things I liked the most was talking, I think it was about three quarters of an hour with Juan Pablo Felipe (El Chaflán), along with Garbancita and Jorge Guitían. In addition to talking about what happened at dinner. He briefly told us about a project being carried out by the Chefs in Madrid, called Running Chefs Madrid.

Gourmet ice cream in Belgious, Barcelona

We have already become accustomed to hearing about ice cream with potato omelette, gazpacho, beer or even fabada. But today in the usual ice cream parlors we continue to find the same sweet and acidic flavors as always. Belgious is a small and flirtatious ice cream shop in Barcelona, ​​where in addition to delicious goofers, they have an exotic assortment of strange ice creams.

The low cost menu

I have nothing against low-cost airlines, but today I was flying back from Barcelona in one of these companies, Spanair, and I was somewhat surprised to see the poverty and shortage of the low cost menu they offer, upon payment, Of course, to its passengers. Luckily it was an afternoon flight and I had already had lunch before getting on the plane, but I think of the poor clients of this company who want to eat or snack during the flight.

The Week Live to the Palate | November 12-18

As every week we summarize what was published in Live on the palate last week. To start, as always, our menu: A refreshing salad with mushrooms, anguriñas and dried fruit vinaigrette; to continue with Pasta with anchovies and tomato sauce; Creamy spinach rice with squid.

Ten recipes for simmering

A couple of weeks ago we started this special of simmering cooking with an introduction in which, among other things, I told you about the cooking techniques that we could use to cook in this way. As you will remember, I commented that there was no cooking technique that escaped from the fire, so today I wanted to bring you a selection with ten recipes for simmering, as you prefer.

Measuring cup of absurd quantities

How complicated it can be to carry out a recipe when we find the amounts expressed in ounces, pounds or pints, or with much less concrete ones such as cup, scoop or handful. The creators of this measuring cup must have thought that, better than using all the same measurement system, it was better to create a range of universally stupid measurements.